Smarter process, smoother experience.

With consumer expectation being higher than ever, good service is crucial. When dealing with CPE, customers expect the process to be smooth and snag-free. Let us help ensure that you meet their expectations.

With the capabilities and expertise to configure and test your CPE, we can ensure that any products are customer-ready and good to go – straight out of the box.

If you want, we can even take care of the logistics and distribution too. Not only will we store your CPE in our warehouse facilities; once you give us the word, we can ship it anywhere in the world.

Tested, configured, stored, sent.

Consultancy and project management.
Storage and warehousing.
Pre-configuration and testing of devices – with test results provided.
Global logistics.

High quality CPE at speed.

With our global logistics infrastructure, warehousing facilities, and vast in-house expertise, not only can we get your customer’s CPE to them at scale – but also at speed. 

Just give us the word.