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Published on 26th May 2022

This website – – uses cookies to provide an effective business service (essential cookies as described in the EU GDPR’s) for our users. We do not set cookies to analyse user interactions with our site (analytics cookies), or to connect to advertising and marketing partners (marketing cookies).

Last updated: 14th July 2023

This policy should be read in conjunction with Kubus Nordics AS’ Privacy Policy, which also covers data protection, legislation, handling of personal data, and 3rd-party data processors.


Kubus may set cookies for your web browser when you visit this website to ensure the essential functionality of the site. We do not set analytics or marketing/tracking cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used to make websites work, or work more efficiently, and remember user preferences. A website may set a cookie to the browser if the browser’s preferences allow it.

Generally, we use cookies to improve the user experience of this website with customized content, and to keep track of your preferences while you are using the Kubus website.

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How cookies are used on KUBUS.COM


Cookie Use Includes:

  • Session cookie to preserve the user state across page requests, necessary for account logins, ecommerce processes, basket, and checkout

Privacy Policy: including data protection and handling of personal information

Data managed and processed in United Kingdom.

Data compliance

If you have any questions regarding privacy, cookies, and data collection and processing on please contact:

Data Compliance
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